Monday, August 1, 2011

Book 1 of August Reading Material

Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority By: Tom Burrell

This is my Reading material for August there will be more books that I list and review if you can pick one up. Remember Reading is fun-to-mental...

check out Mr. Burrell's WEB PAGE -

also please enjoy Tom Burrell's CUNY Interview


Welcome To Black To Reality

Today August 1, 2011

I welcome you to my blog. This blog is being made to hopefully inspire and give something back to our community and also others. We are not perfect people nor do we live perfect happy lives some only exist to exist while other work hard for what they have only to know its not even close to what they need to survive their day by day lives. Aren't we tired of living of the life styles on TV? Shouldn't we set our lives to a higher standard? We cannot portray people in the media because we are not them we aren't rich we can't and shouldn't live outside of our means. These facts are none to all but are pretty much ignored and their lies the conclusions we see today i.e Kids behaving as if they are grown with no regard for parental authority. Parent becoming less of a figure of standards an more of a friend. The only outcome of all of this is lost children, flawed morals, unheard of behavior and generations being torn down to nothing. Only thing I've been hearing is excuses which to me is another way of just watching the problem and doing nothing once this goes on too long (which it has) there is practically nothing some people can do about the outcomes to follow these actions. I think we can still make a difference and hopefully that difference can change the views of the people and finally bring some strength back to our communities and prosperity back to my people.

Thank you for Coming to my blog I hope that I will satisfy your visual an mental.